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Our Current Equipment

Buckshot Trucking currently offers a comprehensive set of transportation services designed to meet our customers’ needs. Tailored service offerings can be developed for specific service requirements.  



Unlike a standard van, a flatbed trailer is open and therefore can be loaded from all sides instead of just from the tail end.

Step Deck

The advantage of step deck trucking is that this trailer can haul a higher load without having to buy permits for the load. We offer a variety of step deck, open deck trailers to transport any type of shipment. 


Dry Van

One of the biggest advantages of using a dry van truck to move your freight is the protection it provides — because the equipment is enclosed on all sides, shipments are shielded from weather hazards like high winds, rain, or direct heat.

Refrigerated Trucking

 We can transport your goods at temperatures ranging from -20 to +90 degrees Fahrenheit, and hold them at the temperature you specify, and we do this anywhere in the Continental United States.


Hot Shot Trucking 

We specialize in time-sensitive loads, usually for situations where failure to deliver items within a certain time period could cause a company downtime or even shut down productivity. The types of loads hot shot trucking commonly carry include construction equipment, agricultural equipment; and much more. 

Trailer Mounted Forklift

Goods can then be transported to their target destination in a variety of conditions. Compared to conventional industrial forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts are lighter and more agile, and they can be used in places where accessibility is a challenge.

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